Evaluation and Refereeing Process

Articles submitted to the journal are subject to a formal and scientific preliminary examination by the editor / assistant editor (s). Articles that are not written according to the journal rules will not be accepted.

All manuscripts submitted for publication to the journal are checked by a plagiarism prevention software. Manuscripts may be rejected based on the plagiarism screening result. In general, articles with a plagiarism rate of more than 20% are not accepted.

The articles that pass the preliminary examination are sent to at least two expert referees by the editor in chief/ assistant editor (s) and they are double-blind evaluated scientifically.

The journal editor / assistant editor (s) decides on the publication order of the articles that have completed the evaluation process and accepted to be published in the journal, according to the order in which the articles are received.

Article evaluation processes are completed in approximately 60 days.

Correspondence regarding the evaluation of the article is made only with the responsible author.